Thrifted. Transformed. Timeless.

Discover To Dye For by Kirby, where every thread tells a tale. Celebrating unique designs, one piece at a time. Join us in the slow fashion movement, embracing individuality with every stitch. Here, stories are stitched, and creativity shines.

About To Dye For

Welcome to To Dye For by Kirby, where creativity knows no bounds! Founded in 2020, our colorful journey began when Kirby's passion for thrifting, tie-dye, and artistic flair collided in the most delightful way. Fueled by a love for all things unique, Kirby embarked on a mission to transform thrifted treasures into personalized works of art.

At To Dye For by Kirby, we don't just offer a vibrant array of creatively crafted wonders; we weave magic into every thread. With a blend of hand-sewing, machine-sewing, dyeing techniques, and the transformative touch of bleach, Kirby meticulously embellishes each thrifted piece, adding a touch of bespoke charm. Our specialty lies in crafting custom thrifted clothing that resonates with your style and personality, ensuring that every piece tells a unique story.

But that's not all! Ever dreamt of being your own fashion designer? Enter the To Dye For Experience, an adventure that combines the thrill of tie-dyeing with the ease of creativity. Kirby provides the shirts and all the necessary materials, guiding you through the mesmerizing process. It's your chance to explore the world of tie-dye without the mess—pure, unbridled fun!

Elevate your wardrobe with our unique creations and experience the joy of personalized fashion. For inquiries and to book the To Dye For Experience at your next event, reach out to Kirby at Let's turn ordinary garments into extraordinary pieces of wearable art, one stitch and splash of color at a time! 🌟🎨

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    Looking for a new shirt or jacket? You've come to the right place!

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